About Us

Saber-Tooth Co. is a small family owned business in Central Wisconsin. We love being outdoors, hiking, biking, hunting and gathering. It’s what inspires us! And we feel very lucky to share our passion for the outdoors through our various Saber-Tooth Co. product lines. We began selling fish and wildlife products in 2001, and have been growing steadily ever since.

We’re sure you’ll agree any discriminating sportsman would be proud to own and display our products!

OUR PROCESS BEGINS WITH the talent of fine artists and designers who have knowledge in the field to make sure every detail in our products is anatomically correct. Their paintings and illustrations capture and bring to life what we so admire about fish, animals and nature!

When it comes to craftsmanship, Saber-Tooth manufactures with only the best materials! All our decals are printed on high grade exterior vinyls, with fade resistant inks and UV coatings so they will last for years. Our magnetic sheets used for our magnet lines are durable and heavy, so they hold on fiercely to steel objects or metals made with iron alloys. Our cribbage boards are made with 1/2 inch thick baltic birch wood for strength, and finished with a durable clear coat. And whether it’s our home goods, wildlife decorations, clothing or other items, we always take extra care to make the finest product we can for you.

We also strive to give you the best customer service we can. If you have questions or concerns about any products, please contact us. We invite you to leave feedback with us as well. In the end, it’s simple. We just want you to be glad you shopped with us!