Artist Bio


Wiley sitting next to some of his cherished owl wood carvings. His attention to detail is breathtaking! At Wiley Miller’s gallery called Wildlife Images in Boulder Junction, WI, you will find paintings, prints, carvings, chainsaw art, and must have gift items for any outdoor enthusiast. (2014)

Wiley Miller is a Wisconsin master fish and wildlife artist. His love for the outdoors is deeply reflected in his wood carvings, acrylic paintings, illustrations, and taxidermy.  Throughout his life long career, he has always paid special attention to anatomical correctness and rendering realistic scenes that have garnered him national recognition. He has reached a pinnacle many wildlife artists could only hope to achieve.

Wiley Miller continues to live in Northern Wisconsin, enjoying fishing, hunting, hiking, and capturing the timeless beauty and essense of nature in all of his art works.

“It’s a challenge to paint the fish, birds and animals as God created them,” Miller said. “This is the work I wanted to do all my life.”

Learn more about Wiley’s beginnings as an artist in this newspaper article written in the Milwaukee Journal in 1974 called “Nothing Stuffy About Taxidermist”.

MilwaukeeJournal Article2