Bald Eagle Decals




(Left facing Bald Eagle decals shown above.)

Our Bald Eagle decals are printed with rich colors and light-fast inks on a high performance exterior grade adhesive vinyl. These Bald Eagle decals are extremely durable and fade resistant so they will last you for years. “Mirror-image” versions are available and are perfect for accenting both sides of your truck, trailer, camper or car.

It’s a fantastic way to show your love of nature, your country, your freedom, your patriotism… Wherever you put them, just apply to a clean, smooth, flat surface. Maybe embellish your windows, doors, cabinets, fridge, freezer, plastic totes, laptops, water bottles, sport helmets, scrapbooks, or other art projects. Our Bald Eagle decals are also available in a magnetic version and in various sizes.

Follow These Basic Application Tips….

  • Choose a smooth, flat surface.
  • Clean the surface your decal will be applied to:
    1. Wash the area with soapy water, and rinse with warm water.
    2. Then dry the surface with a clean, lint-free towel or cloth.
    3. If applying to glass, finish up the cleaning process by wiping down the area with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol).
  • Surface temperatures must be between 50° and 85° Fahrenheit before attempting to install the decal. Applications beyond this range will reduce the adhesives’ ability to perform.
  • You are now ready to apply the sticker/decal.
  • Apply the decal using firm direct pressure with your hand. The decals have a pressure sensitive adhesive. This means the harder you press the decal down by hand, the better the adhesive will stick to the surface you’re applying to. Spend a little extra time pressing down the decal edges.
  • Lastly, leave the decal undisturbed after installation.

Maximizing The Life of Your Decal…

  • Do not use an ice scraper on the decal – it may lift or break pieces off.
  • Do not spray high pressure car wash nozzle at the edges of the decal. It will lift.
  • Do not apply wax over decal, especially if the wax contains any petroleum distillates.
  • Hand washing with ordinary soap and water is safe.

SMALL: 3.75 x 3.5 inches
MEDIUM: 7 x 8 inches
MINIS: 2 x 1.75 inches

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