Wallpaper Cabin Grouse

Deer and Country Wallpaper Border


Product Description

Dimensions:  6.75 in x 15 ft
Material:  Prepasted
Pattern Repeat:  24 inches

Our Deer and Country Wallpaper Border is a repeating series of 4 nostalgic images described as:

  • Deer in a wooded setting in autumn
  • Twin barren oak trees in a snow-drift field
  • Wild grouse flying on a misty morning
  • Old farmhouse at sunset

Beautiful gold, green, and brown tones evoke a quite, peaceful mood. Each picture is replicated from a painting, and appears within an olive and gold crackled-weathered frame for that classic, timeless feel.

Our Deer and Country Wallpaper Border is ideal for any cabin or home decor! Decorating has never been easier, and is a great way to brighten up any room inexpensively!

*Comes with easy to follow step-by-step installation instructions.

BEFORE You Purchase:

  • First, measure the room that you want to install your wallpaper border in. Measure all four walls from side to side. Make sure you go all the way around the room, including any archways, doorways, or windows. Mostly smooth, or lightly textured walls will work best for application.
  • Keep in mind that you might need a bit extra to match up where the pattern starts and stops as you piece together rolls going around the room.
  • You don’t need to repaint an entire room or paper all its walls to give it a stylistic facelift.
  • Choosing a prepasted border, like our Deer and Country Wallpaper Border, makes decorating easy. Consider hanging the border immediately below the ceiling or crown molding for the simplest installation, or hang it along the top or bottom third of the wall to make a more dramatic design statement.
  • ( Here are some fun ways to use any left-over Deer and Country Wallpaper Border! ) Many people, upon purchasing wallpaper borders, immediately paste and stick them to the walls. That’s great, but there are different looks you can give your walls, too, with a little creativity! You can also cut out around the images and apply those to your walls – just like they were wall decals. Or you can trim around windows or mirrors. The possibilities are endless. And it will give you an entirely different appearance than just adding the wallpaper borders directly to the wall.